Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

There is a Dental Implant solution for almost everyone; young or old, one tooth or all your teeth. Except for growing children dental implants are the clear solution for missing teeth in patients of all ages. We are often asked by our patients if they would qualify for dental implants.

Below are some common concerns

Is there an age limit? We prefer to wait until the jawbone stops or slows growing to place dental implants, this typically occurs around 18 for boys and 15-16 for girls. There is no upper age limit and our oldest patient to date was a healthy and active 91 year old woman.

What about my medical conditions. If you are healthy enough for routine dental treatment such as an extraction, you are usually healthy enough to have an implant placed. While diseases such as diabetes can reduce your chances of a successful outcome, they usually do not prohibit you from being a candidate.

Is gum disease or bad teeth a problem? The majority of our patients who have lost their teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay have been successfully treated with dental implants. Often the implant can be placed the same day problem teeth are removed.

Can I have Implants if I currently wear partials or dentures? Absolutely, often after the implants attach to your bone, we can even modify your current denture to attach to them.

Is smoking a problem? Smoking lowers the success rate of many dental procedures, including dental implants. Although we do successfully place implants in patients who smoke, there is no time like the present to quit, and we can even help you with that.

I think I have a lot of bone loss, can I still have an Implant? Many of the patients who can benefit from dental implants have reduced bone levels from previous loss of teeth and periodontal disease. While inadequate bone poses a challenge, it is often possible to overcome with successful ridge or sinus augmentation via bone grafting.