Our Smile Gallery

    Here's just a few of our happy customers before and after their dental procedures gave them beautiful new smiles.
    closeup before image, uneven and stained teethcloseup image of straight, white teeth with veneers

    "My life is so wonderful. Look at my smile now! Thanks to Ocean Breeze Dental, my smile is just as wonderful!"

    closeup photo of crowded, uneven teeth before treatmentcloseup of female patient's smile after procedure

    "Every experience I've had here has been delightful!"

    closeup photo of female patient before treatmentcloseup photo of female patient after treatment

    "For years I was conscience about my front teeth and did not smile much. Ocean Breeze Dental gave me my smile back. Ocean Breeze Dental and the dental hygienists are very gentle and caring and the staff at the front desk are helpful and efficient. They all make going to the dentist a pleasant experience."

    closeup profile photo of patient before treatment, crooked and yellow teethcloseup profile photo of patient's white, straight teeth after treatment
    closeup photo of patient with crooked, yellow teeth before treatmentcloseup photo patient's straight, white teeth after treatment
    closeup of patient's teeth after whitening treatmentcloseup of young male patient's smile after treatment
    closeup of male patient, crowded and stained teeth before treatmentcloseup of straight, white teeth after treatment on male patient
    male patient closeup before photo stained teeth and crownsmale patient after photo closeup