Patient Testimonials

  • I was looking for a dentist when a dentist, who was not taking new patients at the time, recommended Ocean Breeze. I am so grateful for his recommendation. The office setting is pleasant and the entire staff is caring, courteous and helpful.
  • For years I was conscience about my front teeth and did not smile much. Ocean Breeze Dental gave me my smile back. Ocean Breeze Dental and the dental hygienists are very gentle and caring and the staff at the front desk are helpful and efficient. They all make going to the dentist a pleasant experience.
  • My life is so wonderful. Look at my smile now! Thanks to Dr. Wetmore, my smile is just as wonderful!
  • JV
    I went to many dentists over the course of two years, trying to find someone to help me eat and smile again. It got to the point where all I could eat was fudge or smoothies and I was getting frustrated and discouraged. Luckily I was finally referred to Dr. Wetmore. It wasn’t easy, but he was able to give me the ability to chew normal foods and now my teeth look and feel great. My upper teeth are permanently attached on four implants and my bottom denture sits on top of two implants. I couldn’t be any happier and was very fortunate to end up with Dr. Wetmore as my implant dentist.
  • John K
    Dr. Wetmore is the best dentist I have ever had, takes the time to listen to me, and really cares.
  • Alexander O'Connor Villagomez
    Had 3 of my Wisdom teeth out by Dr. Jason, it was a pleasure, no joke, no pain, and he made it fun. I recommend Ocean Breeze over any other Dental office in the Universe!
    Alexander O'Connor Villagomez
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  • Dr. Rolando Veloso, Port St. Lucie, FL
    The cliche' " pulling teeth" did not turn out to be so painful. Dr. Wetmore and his staff's professionalism and skill set literally made the extractions a "Breeze" or should I say "Ocean Breeze"! I received sufficient anesthesia and was followed-up afterwards to assure that I was pain free following the procedure. Excellent dental practice that will continue to receive my business.
    Dr. Rolando Veloso, Port St. Lucie, FL
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