Bone Grafting and Socket Preservation


When preparing to place a dental implant in your mouth we may sometimes find that bone loss has occurred on the site of the proposed implant fixture. Bone loss in the mouth can occur as a result of several factors including: periodontal disease, infection, and resorption of bone following extractions.

Fortunately over the last few years we have developed a reliable way to replace the missing bone in a process known as bone grafting. With bone grafting your dentist can fill in many types of defects caused by tooth loss. Whenever possible we'll utilize bone directly from the patient. However, we can also utilize a bone graft from other sources when required to perform a ridge augmentation or sinus grafting procedure.

When we are extracting teeth if there is a possibility you might wish to restore the missing tooth with a dental implant, it is often advisable to proceed with a type of grafting known as socket preservation at the time of the extraction.

Once bone has been restored to the appropriate area(s), your jaw bone will be ready for the placement of any necessary implants paving the way for improvement of your dental health.