Mini Implants for Denture Support

After years of experience in fabricating custom dentures, we have noticed that there are only a few very fortunate patients who are completely comfortable when they wear their dentures. Many other denture wearers, especially those with lower dentures are constantly dealing with slippage, wobbling, discomfort and in some cases, even pain.

This is because without teeth, the underlying bone deteriorates and over time the denture no longer fits. The lips and facial muscles end up working so hard to keep the denture in place, a natural smile doesn't come naturally at all. In many cases, our patients do not require a new set of dentures to be fabricated, although a new set of dentures will always ensure the best possible results.

At Ocean Breeze Dental utilizing the newest technology in Dental implants, we can provide you with the denture stabilization you desire in as little as one appointment. The results are often times so amazing that this is by far one of the most satisfying and rewarding procedures we perform. Following the stabilization of their dentures, our patients experience a marked improvement in their ability to eat, speak, laugh and smile.

Zest locators are self aligning, low profile, resilient attachments, with adjustable levels of retention that offer an affordable option to hold your dentures in place without the use of adhesives. They are available for use on standard dental implants, as well as, two piece narrow or “mini” dental implants.

  • The patient is numbed and a special drill is used to create a place for each implant
  • 4 to 6 mini implants, or 2-4 conventional implants are typically placed
  • Each of the tiny implants is torqued into place
  • Existing denture is marked to show the location of the implants
  • Metal housings are then inserted into the denture
  • Retrofitted denture is snapped into place and the patient is ready to have dinner the same evening!

Our patients typically report very little discomfort from the surgical procedure and are very satisfied with the stability of their denture. We often hear statements such as, “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner”

Talk to one of our dentists at your next appointment to see if you are a candidate. We will have to take x-rays and perform an exam of your bone structure before discussing the treatment options that will serve you best.