Emergency Dentistry and Walk-Ins

Walk in Dental Clinic for Emergencies - Rockledge, Viera and Melbourne Florida FL

For Non Emergencies, please call (321) 433-1141

Unfortunately, accidents happen -- and when you've injured your teeth, mouth or jaw, you need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Putting off dental treatment for a dental emergency only increases the likelihood of requiring more extensive and expensive treatment in the future. And when you're hurting, an emergency dentist can help relieve your pain.

Whether you're suffering from a broken tooth, have lost a tooth filling or have a toothache that is keeping you awake and interfering with your life, Ocean Breeze Dental can help. If you are having dental pain don’t wait for it to become unbearable. Seek treatment for your dental problem before it is too late.

At Ocean Breeze Dental, Emergency care is available after hours and on holidays for patients of record. Please call our main line for contact information of the on call doctor. If you are not a current patient, we do our best to fit in all dental emergencies for new patients with same day appointments during regular business hours. Walk-ins are also welcome and will be seen on a first come basis as the schedule permits. Walk-In patients please feel free to call first, so that we can best accommodate your schedule and keep waiting times to a minimum. All of our New patient forms are also available for you to prepare ahead of time.

Some Common Dental Emergencies that we treat at Ocean Breeze Dental:

  • Knocked Out Tooth -- Gently rinse any dirt off the knocked out tooth without removing any attached tissue. If possible, hold the tooth in place in the socket. Otherwise, put the tooth in a glass of milk and drive to the office right away. The sooner the tooth can be replaced or splinted the more likely it can be saved.
  • Dental Abscess -- If you notice a painful, pimple-like swelling on your gums, rinse with salt water and immediately contact the office. Dental abscesses can lead to more serious infections of the head and neck if not treated promptly. Dental abscesses are not always painful and can come and go, but they always eventually require professional treatment to remove the source of the infection inside the tooth.
  • Broken Tooth -- Save any pieces of the broken tooth and rinse your mouth out with warm water.
  • Toothache -- Rinse your mouth out with warm water. Then use dental floss to make sure there isn't any food or other debris causing the pain. If the pain persists, call the office for an emergency evaluation.
  • Lost Dental Filling or Dental Crown – Try to keep the area clean and avoid cold or hot water or any other food items that irritate the tooth until you can come in for an evaluation
  • Bitten Lip or Tongue -- Clean the area and apply an ice pack to reduce swelling. If the bleeding doesn't stop, see your dentist right away or go to a hospital emergency room.
  • Object Stuck in Teeth -- Carefully try to remove the object with dental floss. (Don't try using a sharp instrument instead!) If you're unable to dislodge the object with dental floss, contact our office.

Regular dental visits allow us to diagnose and treat dental problems before they become more severe or painful. Before you have an urgent dental emergency, don’t be afraid to come into our office for an introduction to one of our doctors and a comprehensive oral evaluation. After we see you for a dental emergency, it is also an excellent idea to schedule an appointment when you are feeling better for a complete exam and to become a patient of record.

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